Sell a Home

I know how important your home is to you.

I know that your home is probably the most valuable possession that you have. In fact, many of the people I serve have only the equity in their property to see them through their retirement years

My first goal is to help you set a list price that represents top market value, without going so high that it does not sell at all. This can only be accomplished by thoroughly understanding the market. Here are the answers to some of the questions you may have regarding selling price and market value.

What makes a house sell?

A successful sale requires that you concentrate on five things:

  1. Price
  2. Terms
  3. Condition
  4. Location
  5. Exposure

Since you can’t possibly have control over each of these factors, you may have to overcompensate in one or more areas to offset a competitive disadvantage in another.

When is the best time to list a house for sale?

As soon as you decide to sell is the best time.

Do the seasons affect the market?

Peak selling times are different in different areas of Canada. In many places, late spring and early fall are the prime listing seasons simply because houses tend to show better during those months. Do keep in mind however that the more houses on the market during these peak seasons, the more competition you have in selling your house. So, while the time of year may make the market more brisk, it should definitely not be a deciding factor in selling your house. Also keep in mind that if your house is priced right, it will most likely sell during any season.

How should I price my house?

The best way to price your house is realistically. Regardless of how brisk the market is, an overpriced house will simply not sell. Use a Realtor to help you determine the fair market value for your home. Even if you want to get the most money out of your investment, it is unrealistic to think that your house will sell for $10,000 more than the identical house down the street just because it is your house. Consider it this way: if you overprice your house when you list it, it is kind of like day old bread. Once it is “not fresh” anymore, you must sell it off at a cheaper rate to make it appealing to people. Buyers generally know their price range and don’t look for other price ranges above theirs. That overpriced listing never gets “looked at “. So, in the end, it costs money and doesn’t earn you more.

You will receive significant information that will help you feel confident that you are being represented by a sales representative and organization that is second to none.

I invest 100% of my time delivering first class service to my clients. I am interested in building strong, lasting, lifelong relationships one person at a time. Your satisfaction and subsequent referrals are the basis of my future business, so I dedicate my time and energy focusing on your goals and delivering the best Real Estate Services you expect…. and deserve. I welcome the opportunity to serve you.