Home Inspections

You’ve probably heard this many times in the past. A house is probably the single largest purchase or expense that most people will ever make. If you’re contemplating spending up to several hundred thousand dollars, you will want to have someone check out the merchandise with a trained eye. For a relatively small price, you can get some peace of mind going into the decision to buy or not to buy.

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection will tell you a great deal about the overall condition of a property. It is usually based on the visible observations of all accessible areas of the property as of the date of the inspector’s visit. While thorough, a normal inspection report may not take into account cosmetic considerations. An inspector can only inspect what they can see or have access to.
A typical inspection report will start out with a description of the home, including approximate age and weather conditions at the time of the inspector’s visit.

The Inspector will typically look at specific items such as: driveway and walkways, garage or carport, gates and fences, porches and decks, siding and trim, windows, chimney, electrical fixtures, gutters and downspouts, meters, exposed foundation, roof and flashing and skylights.

Inside the house itself, the crawlspace, laundry area, halls, stairways and all rooms will be reviewed. The heating & cooling, plumbing and electrical systems will also be reviewed.

If you are going to have an inspection you may want to accompany the inspector during most of his visit without getting in his way, you could learn many things that could be helpful after you purchase the home.