Finding Your Home

How We Will Find The Right Home

These are the steps I will take you through in order to help you successfully find and purchase your new home:

  •  Clearly define the type of property desired. Together we will create a written plan detailing the type of home you want. We will discuss the neighbourhoods, types and styles of homes, features needed and try to balance current needs with future plans. This will form the basis for the research I will do in looking for a home for you.
  • Research the properties available. Using our research plan, we will compile a list of all the homes currently available that may suit your requirements. We will review these properties together and select the best matches to your needs.
  • View selected properties. We will go to each property selected and, using our research plan as a checklist, we will evaluate each home. We will discuss the home’s suitability, what may need to be changed or improved and how each home will meet your needs. From the evaluations of the homes we will select the home that best suits you at the best price.
  • Discuss financing options. Financing is always the biggest concern when buying a home. We will make sure you know all your options and have had an opportunity to consult with our experienced mortgage broker to ensure you have all the information you need to arrange financing that works for you.
  • Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis to help you determine offer price. Information is key when determining the correct price to offer. A comparative market analysis will show if a home is over priced and ensure we do not lose the home by offering too little. Remember, to get the best price, you want the seller to negotiate. Offers that are too low are not taken seriously by the seller or their representatives.
  • Clearly define the terms desired in the agreement of purchase and sale. Along with the price, the terms of the offer must be carefully thought out. A properly prepared offer will ensure the buyer is getting exactly what they are paying for. A poorly prepared offer can cost the buyer thousands or prevent the house from closing. A knowledgeable representative can use the terms of the agreement to protect you.
  •  Negotiate the most favourable terms possible. Price is only one factor in a successful negotiation. The buyer and their representative must keep in mind all the elements of the agreement. Closing date, inclusions, exclusion and conditions will all affect the value of the property to the buyer.
  • Monitor all closing details. Making sure everything that should happen does happen is the key to a smooth closing.
  • Clients First Program. Savings on many products and services you will need during and after the successful purchase of your home.
  • In House Mortgage Centre. Potential Buyers can be “pre-approved” to ensure they have the ability to purchase your home.
  • Legal Services. We can provide you a selection of real estate lawyers that will get the job done, on time, and at a fair price.
  • Weekly Reports. A report on showings, market changes, marketing that has been done, potential Buyer follow ups, everything we am doing to sell your home will be reported and reviewed on a weekly basis.