Showing your home to its maximum advantage

Your house has been checked and cleaned from top to bottom. You have priced it at what you feel is a fair price. The marketing and advertising program is in full swing. Now it is time to put all of the preparation into action: showings! All of the work that you have done up to this point will only have an effect when a buyer walks into your house for the first time.

Open every window covering. All drapes, curtains and blinds should be positioned to let in maximum light. Buyers like a house to be “light and bright,” so accommodate them! Turn on as many lights as possible.

Make sure the house smells good

Baking cookies, or using potpourri is a big help. Pet odors, smoke, or greasy cooking odors definitely will not work! Carpet fresheners often help with pet problems.

Make sure that everything is spotless

Pay particular attention to the bathrooms and the kitchen. In the bathrooms, towels should be fresh and clean, sinks and baths scrubbed, and the floor freshly cleaned. Make any unmade beds and open all the drapes. In the kitchen, make sure all dishes are put away and counter-tops and sinks cleaned.

If possible keep pets outside

Pets in the home often intimidate buyers and quickly put a damper on an otherwise positive showing experience.

Always have the professional colour feature sheets provided by your Sales Representative prominently displayed.

When you know you have prospective clients viewing your home, leave!

If this is not possible, make yourself as inconspicuous as possible. If it is comfortable outside, go for a walk or visit a neighbour until the buyers leave. Buyers will stay longer and feel more comfortable if they are able to view the home freely.

Sometimes you will get very little notice that some one wants to see your home. Try to keep your home ready for them. You never want to turn a potential Buyer away.