Really Want to sell

Do You Really Want To Sell?

One of the reasons only 50% of homes offered for sale don’t sell the first time is that the owners didn’t really want to sell it. Being sure you are ready and able to sell is the first step to successfully selling your home. Answer the following questions to see if you are truly prepared sell.

  • What is your primary reason for selling?
  • Can you accomplish your goal without selling your home?
  • Is the price you expect for your home reasonable in the market today?
  • Do you need more money out of your home than can be expected in the market today?
  • Have you upgraded your home beyond what the market will return?
  • Have you seen a home you would want to buy?
  • Are other homes in your neighbourhood selling?
  • Did you have more or less than 10 buyers to your home when it was for sale?
  • Did you agree with what your sales representative was doing to sell your home?
  • List your best reason for not selling your home?